About Us

The Cedar River flows west from the Cascade Mountains in the state of Washington toward the city of Seattle. The pristine water it carries is the original source for Cedar River Sake.

Our brewery is on Phinney Ridge in Seattle. Our sake is brewed by hand in small batches using water, rice, koji and yeast.

Founded in August of 2012, Cedar River Brewing Company is the first sake brewery in Washington state in over 70 years. We began brewing in the summer of 2013 and have four styles available: Nama, Junmai, Nigori, and Taru. To learn more about each style, go to our Sake page. To find where Cedar River sake is sold, go to our Find page.

Our goal is to bring fresh, pure, locally brewed sake to the Pacific Northwest and help our part of the world become more familiar with this magnificent beverage. We continually strive to improve processes, equipment and ingredients in order to bring the best sake to you.