Taru Sake

Type: Junmai Taru
Rice: Calrose
Semaibuai (rice polish): 60%
Yeast: #9
ABV: 14-16%

Traditionally, sake was stored in cedar casks or taru, which imparted a spicy, woody aroma and flavor. Sake made in this style is called taruzake and harkens back to an earlier day in sake brewing.

Our Taru is made in this tradition, but with a twist. Instead of using Japanese cedar, we use local Western Red cedar. The result is similar, but with a distinctive Pacific Northwest touch.

Taru will keep for up to a year or more, but is best enjoyed fresh. It should be served chilled and kept refrigerated after opening.

We hope you enjoy Taru. Please let us know how you like it!

Jeff James

Jeff James
Owner and Brewer
Cedar River Brewing Company
Seattle, Washington, USA